How useful is Content Marketing? Check it’s Advantages

What is Content Marketing? It is a strategy to attract audience/visitors/readers by creating excellent and relevant content and converting them into customers. This sort of strategy is also known as inbound marketing. Content marketing can be really useful if you are a startup or into blogging or any other business. Many people write excellent content but are not aware of the tricks of inbound marketing. Here, in this blog, we will share the benefits of content marketing (if you implement it) to understand how you can earn more audience through this strategy.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the way out in modern times to grow your business. Check here the benefits of content marketing below:

1) Increase Reach & Connection with Audience – Content Marketing helps business entities to reach their potential customers. It puts more eyes on your business. You need to create great content that compels the audience or readers to click your content and even comment. This will help you connect with your audience.

Content Marketing Benefits
Check the Comments Section, such way you can engage with your Audience

Businesses can share the Content on Social Media also, like – YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, and others to encourage their visitors to like, comment, and share the same among like-minded individuals. Here, below, we have included our YouTube video on Benefits of Online Education (this based on one of our blogs on Online Teaching)

You can also do inbound marketing through eBooks, podcasts, and other mechanisms. Thus you will be able to increase your reach of business further. This is one of the primary benefits of content marketing.

But for content marketing, the most important thing is the content itself, which according to the writers at 7DollarEssay Service, should be of the best quality and must keep the reader engaged.

Content Marketing
Share your content on Instagram as we have done here.

2) Understand your Potential Customers’ Needs – Through the comments, you can know the nature and wants of the readers or visitors. You can accordingly cater to their queries in the comment section. Thus, it will be a good way to interact with your readers. One can modify their existing services by analyzing the comments.

Content Marketing

3) Brand Awareness – Another content marketing benefit is creating brand awareness among your audience. For example – Here, at Enchantrixto, we focus on offering quality content and something that benefits our readers in their wellbeing. We offer life-impacting blogs on Education, Health, Tech, General Knowledge, Travel, and others. With such inbound marketing techniques, our audience gets to know what we are.

Benefits of Content Marketing - Brand Awareness

4) Building Trust among Audience – Besides all these, content marketing helps in building trust among your audience. Take a look at our life-impacting blogs on ‘Education.’ Quality content or blogs on important topics can build your authority and trust among the visitors.

5) Content Marketing Advantages – Driving More Traffic: With an increased reach, inbound marketing helps in driving more traffic to your high-value pages. For example, if you publish your blogs on Facebook and promote them, besides Google, you may get traffic from Facebook as well into your website and all-important blogs. 

Below we have attached screenshots of the results of our content marketing campaign on Facebook from September to October. Our page follows increased, which has resulted in more audience on our blog platform.

Inbound Marketing on Facebook
1. In September Enchantrixto Facebook Page had 202 likes, now we have 360 + likes
Inbound Marketing on Facebook
2. 361 Likes and followers of our Facebook Page

Thus, the likes and follows achieved on your Facebook or YouTube or Instagram page, may get you more audience to yours webpages. They may get converted to potential customers to avail your services.   You can start availing content marketing services if you have not thought about it yet.

6) Content Marketing is for Every Industry; it is Cheap and gives you Good Returns – One of the content marketing advantages is any businesses can utilize it – Manufacturing, IT, EdTech, Bloggers, Consulting, and anything in the list!

You can do it through various ways like blogs or social media like – YouTube Videos, Facebook Promotions, and guess what, the cost is pretty cheap. One does not need money to signup with YouTube (YouTube also allows you to be eligible for the payment if you have at least 10,000 or more subscribers). Such is the content marketing advantages.

Facebook promotions, you can start with 10 USD for 7 – 10 days of promotion. And it works! (Please check the Facebook Likes of our page attached above). This is one of the amazing content marketing benefits.

Content Marketing

The returns of content marketing are also good and continuous. For example, – If you are selling tech gadgets and accessories. You can promote them on YouTube & Instagram. The leads generated there will help you get traffic in a chain reaction (people who have subscribed to you and liked your posts will share them further).

So, here are all the content marketing benefits that can help you grow your business. This type of marketing is cost-effective, and returns are really good. Without any doubt, inbound marketing is the go-to strategy for your business needs.

If you are convinced, do start implementing this to grow our business. Stay tuned to our blogs. We at Enchantrixto also offer Content Marketing services through high-quality content for our clients and social media. We are just a call away!

You can also connect with 7DollarEssay Service Online Education services, Technical and Digital Marketing Needs.

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