How To Fight Depression? 10 Tips To Overcome Melancholy

How to fight depression? A question that has been haunting us for a lifetime now. We all have come across depressive thoughts once in a while. Whether they are due to family matters, relationship issues, loss of a loved one, or studies, the pain hits us all. But, very few of them know how to cope with it.

We are aware of the recent demise of the famous Bollywood star “Sushant Singh Rajput”, and netizens are mainly linking it with depression due to nepotism. But, we don’t know yet whether it was due to nepotism or cronyism.

Controversies apart, melancholy and sadness tear us sometimes, and suicidal thoughts tend to manipulate our minds. That is why I have come with this blog on how to fight depression on your own. If you are depressed or suicidal thoughts cross you, this blog is for you. Go through the tips below to feel happy again.

How to fight depression on your own?

Depressive thoughts drain you from within and lead you to feel fatigued and empty. Being the common depression symptoms, these can make it challenging for you to gather strength to seek treatment.

Nevertheless, there are specific steps you can take to recover your overall sense of well-being and feel more in control. Read on to discover ways to add these strategies in life that makes perfect sense for you.

1. Practice Gratitude

Practising gratitude can lead to having everlasting positive effects on your mental health. I practice it daily to fight for my way.

Start being thankful for whatever you have. Other than the things to live for, we are mostly concerned about the mundane things in life. To leave a peaceful life and leave an everlasting impact on the people around, you must learn to be grateful for trivial to trivial things in life. A roof above your head, food to eat, loving family are enough to keep you happy.

What’s more – penning down your appreciation in a journal can be especially meaningful.

How to fight depression - practice gratitude

2. Learn To Meditate

Mediation is the key to cope with depressive thoughts. If your loved ones hurt you, this is how to overcome love depression.

If you cannot find a suitable place to relax, simply close your eyes for a minute or two and think about the best things that have ever happened to you. Deeply breath throughout the process. It can help you feel more pertinent to what is happening around you and recover your sense of well-being.

How to fight depression - Meditation

3. Accept Yourself

Depression strikes millions of people, including your friends and loved ones. You may never realise what others go through. Accept where you are. Embrace the emotions and challenges you face.

Remember, you are not going to be here forever. Self-treatment is the best therapy for depression. You need to be loving, accepting and open toward yourself.

How to fight depression - accept yourself

4. Understand your “Inner Voice”

The adverse, hollow voice inside your brain may divulge you out of self-help. But, if you can understand it, you know how to fight depression. Use your thought as a plea. Address each idea independently as it strikes the mind.

If you think an event would not be enjoyable or worthy of time, speak to yourself, “You may be true, but it can be more enjoyable than simply sitting at the room another night.” Soon, you will see the unfavourable isn’t always pragmatic.

Music Listening

5. Gift Your Efforts

All goals deserve honour, and all achievements are exemplary of recognition. When you reach a goal, recognise it.

You might not think of celebrating with confetti or cake, but acknowledging your accomplishments can be a pretty effective weapon against the negative weight of melancholy.

How to get rid of Depression - A small gift

6. Do What You Love 

Depression can urge you to settle into your weakness. It can feel more persuasive than happy sentiments.

Attempt to force back and choose something you admire — something that’s soothing, but invigorating. It could be painting, hiking, playing an instrument, or biking.

These actions can give subtle energy and mood lifts, which may encourage you to overcome your depression symptoms.

Do what your love

7. Try Music Therapy

Research proves that music is a fabulous way to lift your spirit and improve signs of depression. It additionally helps you improve your reaction to positive sentiments.

Music is especially advantageous when done in group environments, like a musical club or band.

You can additionally reap the same benefits by merely listening to music.

Try Music Therapy

8. Spend time in nature

How to fight depression on your own? Surrender yourself to nature, embrace the sunlight and take a stroll around the park.

Nature has a strong influence on depression. It improves the mental health of broken souls and provides them with a lifting mood boost.

A weekend hike or a short tour away from the humdrum of the city can be beneficial. Bathe your soul in the beach and soak in some serotonin-rich sun rays at the same time.

Spend Time in Nature

9. Read a book

Waive depressive thoughts like a cakewalk by reading a good self-help book. “Veronika Decides to Die” by Paulo Coelho, “The Depression Cure” by Stephen Ilardi, “The Upward Spiral” by Alex Korb, “Feeling Good” by Dr David Burns, are great book options to start with.

Books come with the capacity to transport yourself to a different world altogether momentarily. Furthermore, regular book reading practice can help you cope with depression. I use this technique to fight for my way.

Reading a Book

10. Go For Counselling

If you want to know “how to overcome love depression” or help the suicidal thoughts from crossing your mind, try the techniques as mentioned above. If none of them works for you, you are suffering from clinical depression that needs to be addressed.

Don’t fear. Counselling does not always mean visiting the doctor’s chamber. You can lean on a trusted friend for support and advice. Also, share your feelings with your family members to get experienced advise. Last but not least, visiting a trained medical counsellor is the best option.

They are trained and can provide you with suitable advice to overcome dismay and melancholy in life. I, once, chose to go to a counsellor to fight for my way; and guess what? My therapist gave me some incredible advice and also taught me a magic tea recipe.

Magic tea for getting rid of depression

What’s more? I am a happy-go-lucky person who almost forgot what depression is. If I can, you too can!

If you are depressed and want to know how to fight depression, go through this blog to feel happy. Furthermore, if you have no one to talk to, you are welcome to share your thoughts here at All you need to is subscribe to our blog, and you are good to go.

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