Himachal Tourism: Best Tourist Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal tourism is growing at a quicker pace because of its picturesque environments and bright weather. It is an abode to the adventure seekers looking for a thrilling dose of wanderlust. Whether it is a romantic holiday, a relaxing trip or a snow-laden voyage, Himachal has it all.

Ideal Time For Himachal Tourism

Both summer and winter seasons are prime times for Himachal tourism. Ranging from Rohtang pass to Mall Road to Manali to Ridge in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh attracts a plethora of tourists every year.

Map Of Himachal Tourism

Himachal Tourism: Food

Himachal Pradesh is also known for its delicious and Mouth-Watering savouries. Some of them are:

  • Madra
  • Dhaam
  • Tudkiya Bhaat
  • Chha Gosht
  • Bhey
  • Siddu

Go for Himachal Tourism to taste the divine delicacies.

Himachal Tourism: Best Places To Visit 

Prime spots to tour in Himachal Pradesh are Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Solan, Kasol, Mandi, Kasauli, Dharamshala, and Dalhousie. If you are in a good mood to explore the state on your own, carrying a map can be helpful for you. 


Usually identified as ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, Shimla remains one of the most visited travellers stops in India. Natural beauty, colonial attractions, and picturesque panoramas of the mountains and valleys are highlights of the Shimla tour.

The enchanting visitor sites in Shimla are Kufri, The Mall Road, Christ Church, Green Valley, Heramba Temple, and the Ridge. Shimla lures a comprehensive number of vacationists to this mountainous location.

As it is a popular hill station for travellers in India, Shimla marks a tremendous footfall of visitors every year.



Kullu is an end to your quest for paradise in Himachal Pradesh. Perfect for nature lovers, Kullu Manali tourism revolves around pine trees and panoramic scenes of the valleys.

Tourists commonly merge their Kullu Manali trip. Manali, on the other hand, is a popular honeymoon destination. With its striking lush scenery assayed by the refreshing waters of linear streams and favourable weather, Kullu tour deals with the more satisfying regions of Himachal.

Manali: The Best of Himachal tourism

The honeymoon capital of India is nestled within the hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh. Positioned near Kullu valley, Manali is located at a height of 6726 feet above sea level. Furthermore, the Beas River Valley has a reputation for being a popular honeymoon and backpacking destination.

A Manali trip is certain to make you experience the best time of your life. Moreover, this beautiful place is encircled by snow-clad peaks and woody paths. Furthermore, it is enough to help you be at a feeling of peace after months of toiling your efforts at the workplace. Soon after lockdown lifts, I am planning for a Manali trip to ease my lockdown blues.


Ideally recognized as the “Mushroom Capital Of India”, Solan remains a low-key mountain region positioned near the Punjab-Himachal border. Reposing at the deeper reaches of the Himalayas, this area is famous for its different industries.

Furthermore, Solan is an excellent spot for tourists looking for a perfect Himachal tourism getaway. Also, the city of Solan remains appreciated for its striking beauty and excellent position. The calm place can keep you isolated from the hustle-bustle of city life.


Kasol is none other than a state of nirvana. Other than a calm and peaceful countryside area, it is a paradise for the hippies. Hipsters from all over the globe visit Kasol in search of paradise. Tucked within the Parvati valley, Kasol separates from the Kullu Manali trip on its way to Manikaran. Furthermore, the Parvati valley trek also attracts a lot of visitors every year. 

Kasol is one of those places in Himachal tourism that boasts enough silence and beauty to live a life like a hippie. Moreover, Kasol is also famous for solitude-seekers and backpackers alike. If you are looking forward to chilling with your friends, make sure to add Kasol in your travel journal now. Trust me! There ain’t no paradise as Kasol.


Notable for its spiritual acceptance, memorable significance, and scenic panoramas, Mandi is a proper stop for all sorts of tourists. Cast out adjacent to the ledge of River Beas, Mandi has presently become a business hub.

Multiple neighboring towns consider this site as the ‘Varanasi Of Hills’. It is indicated so as Mandi houses 81 antique Shaivite temples that are wonderfully crafted by stone masonry. Other than its traditional significance, Mandi also possesses several attractions that travelers seeking Himachal tourism seem to admire and love. 


Cuddled amidst majestic woody forests of cedar and pine trees, Kasauli remains a quiet town and a cantonment circled by the deeper portions of the Himalayan chain. Furthermore, it soothes your eye providing picturesque landscapes making it a classic stop in Himachal tourism.

Go on an outing to this enchanting destination, and allow the scenic views of Kasauli to help you make the most of your time in Himachal Pradesh. Dwelled in the Solan region in Himachal Pradesh, this little resort borough is popular as a family destination and romantic vacation spot.


Snuggled amidst the majestic mountains of the Kangra Valley, Dharamshala stands as a popular travel town in Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is popular as the holy habitation of the Dalai Lama. Furthermore, Dharamshala also serves as a house to hundreds of Tibetian monks as refugees.

The tourism of Dharamshala can take you within an adventure of a lifetime. This borough is environed by cedar forests near the peak of Himalayas. Also, it serves in making the place a comprehensive sightseer and backpacking stop in India.


Famous as the “Little Switzerland of India”, Dalhousie is all about charming colonial structures, green landscapes, misty valleys, enchanting lakes, and snow-capped mountains. 

Furthermore, Dalhousie tour is ideally embodied by tourist temptations like Dainkund Peak, Khajjiar Lake, Rang Mahal, Panch Pulla, Satdhara Falls, Bhuri Singh Museum, and Central Park.

Final verdict about Himachal tourism

Looking forward to a Manali trip? Are you craving for Himachal tourism? Read my blog. The above-mentioned places can help you take a virtual tour of Himachal Pradesh. Also, to treat the adventure junkie right, go through the images to get a mental note of the place. Furthermore, make sure to plan for a trip soon after the pandemic ends as that’s on my wish list too.

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