Changing Vogue Of Digital Marketing In 2020 With Innovative Technologies To Rule Over

As we are rapidly heading towards the years, where we can see a lot of advancements that have been made and are in process that will change the face of marketing.

With this, we need to understand and implement the techniques that can allow businesses to stand beyond the expectation in the field of marketing and make the brand to reach the target customers.

It is a known fact that digital marketing is one of the latest marketing techniques in the coming years. It will have its changes while moving ahead.

In continuation with that, it makes use of the rooted technology, i.e., the internet, while being relying on social media, blogs, emails, and search engines.

Start-up business owners need to focus more likely on the trend that will change the face of the market.

Marketing Stats Through Digital Platform

Our marketing is heading towards total digitalization. I am sharing a handful of statistics to shed light on what is helping us reaching towards the promise of a land where digital marketing automation can use sales. Here are some stats,

  • Traffic Through Blogs

The blogs that companies set can reach around 55% of the traffic.

  • Fetching of Business

There has been an increase of about 57 % in businesses that can fetch the customers and again through the blogs.

  • By The Use of Internet

Do you know 78 % of product research has been made by means of the internet?

So by analyzing the stats, it has been pretty much clear that technology is playing a vital role in marketing and so as with businesses.

5 Changing Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

Let us now focus on what are some of the changing trends of digital marketing technologies that will be the proven method to make business owners a marketing leader. They are namely:

1. Customer Data Ethics

As there has been a continuous change in digital privacy, consumption seems to have more control over the personal data that has been provided to the organizations.

The second concern says that how their data has been collected and in what ways are they used?

Focus on customer data ethics does not mean that marketers are asked to stop making the collections of data, or they should avoid making use of AI.

It has been a step that is viewed in the positive form, which represents the concern starts with the complaint that further helps in reducing the risk while maintaining trust and relationships.

2. Real-Time Marketing

The ability of an organization that has been put forwards to acknowledge towards any duty or work within the stipulated time is what defines real-time marketing which in turn help business to gain advantages with the help of certain tools.

There are tools, technologies, and certain processes that help to track the information in real-time.

It is proven to be beneficial as the companies who all are opting are found to be more productive than their competitors while being able to respond at a rapid pace.

3. Artificial Intelligence 

With the rapidly changing world, there has been advancement made in terms of digital marketing, where AI is serving to be the essential part. It helps in boosting and maintaining analytics that allows marketers to take their decision in smarter ways.

  • It will help to drive more revenue,
  • Helps in the increment of customer acquisition,
  • Helps to give the insights more appropriately,
  • In short with the implementation of AI will result in a more accurate and faster response.

AI can make its route in multiple marketing channels, and there might be the case where the marketer will have to face certain challenges that can be like the availability of data before heading towards the same.

4. Personalization Engines

It is one of those trends that has been used by marketing the customer experience people, merchandising to enhance the content campaign, and the recommendation part.

Next, it can be used for interaction across the globe (call center, chats)

5. Video Marketing

It was proven to the best marketing technique where 95 percent of the marketers have been able to make the new customer’s generation campaigns via a video call over different social media platforms.

There is much more simple to be in the video marketing that helps to make and put your brand in front of people while giving a brief introduction about your brand.

Later the video can be used in the different online platforms (Amazon, YouTube) that will help to boost your brand.

Digital marketing and digital marketing campaign are known to be the fastest moving techniques among many industries.

All you need is to keep updating yourself while applying the trends and techniques to make and flourish your brand as well. With the rapid increase in the field of eCommerce ($4trillon this year), it is essential to stay ahead of the emerging technology to remain competitive online.

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