Can the World’s Whitest Paint replace AC and reduce Global Warming?

Have we discovered the whitest white paint in the world? A group of US scientists claims to have created the world’s whitest paint to combat global warming. In Indiana, the engineers of Purdue University developed a whitest paint, which can reflect up to 95.5 percent of sunlight. This will ensure cooler surfaces up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-7.8 Degree Celsius) than the surroundings. As per research, this whitest shade of white paint can fight the menace of Global Warming.

World’s Whitest Paint

World's Whitest Paint

The scientists’ team has developed the world’s whitest paint, which reduces the dependence on the air conditioning without consuming any energy. Purdue Mechanical Engineering Professor Xiulin Ruan states –

“It’s very counterintuitive for a surface in direct sunlight to be cooler than the temperature your local weather station reports for that area, but we’ve shown this to be possible.”

As per the researchers, an infrared camera showed that the new whitest white paint drops were of lesser temperature than its surroundings compared to its commercial counterpart. According to them, other paints can reflect sunlight between 80 to 90 percent only. They were unable to lower the temperatures than it’s surroundings. 

The development of this whitest white acrylic paint took almost six years. The engineers used a composition of Calcium Carbonate (found in seashells and rocks).  As per reports, the unnamed world’s whitest paint can throw back the harmful UV rays into the deep space. 

Is the World’s Whitest Paint better than Conventional ACs?

Whitest white paint

According to reports, normal ACs purifies and makes air cooler at some cost. They consume a large amount of electricity. These air conditioners only suck out the heat from inside your room or any space. But this whitest shade of white paint will lower the temperature and fight global warming by reflecting the rays into the deep space. 

Scientists at Purdue University are convinced that this world’s whitest paint can help cool the Earth’s surface if we can apply it to our houses, roads, buildings & structures, cars, etc. The paint is believed to be cheaper than other commercial paint and will even save up to 1 USD (74.59 INR) in electricity consumption by ACs.

Any air conditioning kicks on because of the heating up of the house walls and rooftop. But this whitest white paint in the world will condition the air in your house for almost by sending back the harmful UV rays and heat out into space. 

Lesser Use of ACs and More Use of Whitest White Paint can reduce Carbon Emissions.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

According to Joseph Peoples (Mechanical Engineer at Purdue University), lesser use of ACs will lead to less energy produced by coal, hence lesser Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Thus, world’s whitest paint can be beneficial to our climate.

My Opinion on the World’s Whitest Paint

Well, the discovery of the world’s whitest paint is encouraging. But, more studies and tests are ongoing to estimate the exact potential of the paint. So, it will be right for me to keep my fingers crossed and wait for more test results. But anything that is better for our environment should be encouraged. Till then, let’s wait for further updates. Please like, comment, and share the blog if you like it. Thank you!

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