5 Blogging Tips For Beginners – Know How to Write a Good Blog Post.

How to write a good blog post? Well, if you are new to blogging, this article on blogging tips for beginners will help you out. Let’s face it, sitting down to write a good blog is not a cakewalk and is a daunting task for many. The latest Google BERT Update has also made many content writers think – how to write a good blog post? Well, a valid question, but not to worry! I will share a few unfailing tips to write a great blog. The blogging tips for beginners will be based on the perspective of the BERT Update as well.

My 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Here, I will try to keep my blogging tips for beginners as simple as possible. We will focus on the basics here; I will also share how to write a good article compatible with the recent Google BERT Update. 

1. Create a Title that Appeals the Readers

To start with blogging tips for beginners, the first thing to note is the ‘Title’. It is just like while you are introducing yourself to anyone for the first time. The title is like an introductory beginning of a good blog and is based upon the topic you want to write about.

For example, if you want to write on ‘cool tech gadgets,’ google it to find relevant content and search results on the topic. In the search panel, you will find several similar search queries, as mentioned below. Based on the number of search volume, you must choose a topic to write a good blog. After that, search for a relevant focus keyword. But, do not focus on a key word solely, try to create a content that fulfills the user query.

Blogging Tips for Beginners


Check the keyword search volumes and CPC value on Ubersuggest (as it is free!). You can check on Semrush as well if you subscribe to it. After that, shortlist your focus keyword and create a nice catchy title!

2. How to Write a Good Blog Post ? Well, Shorter Titles!

Next, in my blogging tips for beginners, is a short title. Well, titles should be precise and must carry information about the blog in just 1 – 2 lines. Try to maintain a length of 50-60 characters in your title. If not possible, you can drag it to 65-70, but not more than that.

Longish titles are not attractive and harder to read. Your desired keyword should be there in the title (preferably at the beginning of the title). Also, your title should be created that creates curiosity among the readers to click your blog. 

Examples of a good title – 5 Effective Ways to Write a Great Blog, 10 Amazing Blog Ideas That Can Fetch You Good Money, How to write SEO Content?, Top 10 Best Women Watch Brands under 20,000, How to Use Google Meet? and etc.

See from the titles mentioned below; I am sure you will get an idea of what I wanted to mean. Thus, creating a good and short title is critical among other content writing tips for beginners.

how to write a good blog post - Short Titles

3. Blogging Tips for Beginners – Write a Nice Introduction

So, if you are thinking of how to write a good blog post, focus on the ‘Intro’ after the tile. If your title must appeal to the readers, then the introduction should inform the reader about the content. This will help your reader to get engaged with the content. You can rate this among the other critical blogging tips for new bloggers.

Check some of the blogs on Enchantrixto; you can get an idea on the same. I am also sharing a screenshot of an engaging introduction of one such blog here. Try to make your introduction interesting and to the point of your title. This will lead your reader towards the body of the blog.

Writer – Bishnupriya Das

An introduction must be ideally of 150 words in maximum, and must have your focus keyword that complement your blog. But do not focus only on primary or common keywords; try breaking them up and use relevant phrases or synonyms as well. Also, focus on quality and the search query of the readers.

This blog is about blogging tips for beginners, so, instead of diverting from the topic, I am sharing the basic tips on how to write a good blog post for beginners straightaway. So, one has to be right at the point targeting the topic in your introduction. All these blogging tips for beginners are based on keeping in mind the Google BERT Update.

4. Blogging Tips for Beginners – A Content Body is your Playing Ground!

Well, if the introduction and title are the stepping stones to a good article. A body is your playing ground where you can engage the readers with your facts, uniqueness, and a bit of personal touch (so that your content seems more genuine). Writing a quality content body is one of the important blogging tips for new bloggers.

Again, do not blindly focus on keywords; try to make the blog unique and full of quality. Focus on the search intent of the user and create an unique content based on that. This will help your blog to do well after the Google BERT Update.

One of the most critical blogging tips for beginners is not to use complex and difficult words. You must try using simple language and simple and shorter sentences. Sometimes, bloggers and writers forget the readability of a sentence in a bid to use keywords or plagiarism. Try to avoid doing that; be natural.

For example – For a keyword “Blogging Tips Good”, please do not put keywords like this; write it naturally. This will create a good image in readers looking for quality content and not something riddled with keywords!

The other blogging tips for beginners are – Use of numbered lists, bullets, and small headings. This will help readers to read through your piece of information quickly. Some other ways to make your article look more readable are:

A) Shorter Paragraphs – One of the critical content writing tips for beginners is to write paragraphs of 3 to 4 sentences in maximum.

B) Add internal or external links in Content – You can also link certain words and phrases internally with another similar article (containing that particular phrase or word) on the same domain and also with a similar article on an external domain.

You will get an idea about links in this blog as well. The highlighted text or phrase is the internal or external link. These links are also known as ‘Anchor Text’. You can also link your focus keyword but do not link it externally with your competitor. Please note, this piece of information is one of the critical blogging tips for new bloggers!

For example – If you are writing for the New York Times, do not link the primary keyword with Washington Post. It is okay if you link it internally within the New York Times.

C) Images & Videos will not Hurt – Write a good article by inserting related and catchy images or videos. Include alternate text (can be your focus keyword and the image name).  Incase your image fails to load, your alt text will make readers to understand about the image! This is one of the critical content writing tips for beginners. Check this blog to know about shorter paragraphs, and how to put images – 6 Simple Steps to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits. 

5. Blogging Tips for Beginners – Finally A Conclusion

If your introduction prepares the readers further deep into the blog, then the conclusion sums up what is mentioned in the blog. I will also suggest to add a personal note in conclusion and add a ‘Call to Action’. Yes, you can add stuff like – If you like my blog, please like, share, and comment. You can take a cue from this blog as well regarding Title, Introduction, Body, and Conclusion! Thus, I conclude my 5 blogging tips for beginners here.

Also, check my VLOG here which will summarize everything mentioned-

How to Write a Good Blog Post? Let’s Wrapping Up!

Well, I hope your question on how to write a good blog post for beginners is answered in detail. Content writing is not an easy skill. But my aim is to make the art of writing a good blog lucid for you. If you are new, then with the experience, I am sure you will become better and a pro. These blogging tips for beginners are in view of the Google BERT Update and will also benefit the writers. Like, and comment if you like this blog. Also, share this blog if your friends and relatives are also interested in writing a good blog or good article.



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