6 Authentic Bank Exam Preparation Hack Tricks to be a Banker

Are you trying hard to make your career in the banking sector? If “yes,” – the article “How to clear bank exam without coaching” will assist you in the best way. The banking sector is one of the prestigious sectors to opt for as your career. A proper bank exam preparation can lead you to get a great job in any of the nationalized banks.

  • Every year 6 – 10 lakhs of students give their best shot to crack the bank exams, but only a few lands into the category of selected ones. 
  • For example, for just 2,000 SBI PO seats more than 10 lakh aspirants try their luck on ana average. 
  • Basic salary of an IBPS PO is 23,700 INR while that of the clerk is 11,765 INR.
  • The basic pay of SBI PO is 27,620, and for clerks, it is 13,075 INR.
  • Adding to all this their DA, HRA, Conveyance, Lodging too provided petrol reimbursements, pension scheme, and medical facilities.

The question thus stands, how to clear bank exam without coaching during this COVID crisis. There has always been a myth, yes, you heard it right, a myth that students who take coaching from the top – coaching centres will get a chance to appear on the top-list of selected candidates. It solely depends upon your hard work and dedication towards bank exam preparation that you put.

Bank Exam Preparation: Check our hack tricks

Today, we will assist you with a proper solution for how to clear bank exam without coaching? Before undergoing your preparation, you need to understand the pattern of the entrance test.

Usually, most of the private and government Bank exams India are based on two phases- Tier 1 and tier 2. The first one is the preliminary exam, and the second one is the mains. Once you have cleared both, you have to face a personal interview for final selection.

How to prepare bank exam without coaching
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1) Self-study is better than coaching

Aspirants! For the preparation of bank po Syllabus, Time Management is the key to accomplish your aim. You have to manage the time accordingly as per the need. For example, If you are facing quantitative aptitude problems, focus on it, and give more time to cover the quants topics. 

But you cannot concentrate on your weaker subjects in coaching centres as they opt for the issues as per the majority of the students. Self-study is an answer to how to clear bank exam without coaching.  

2) Focus on Short Questions to test your I.Q

In competitive exams, most of the time, short questions and MCQs are given more weightage so that you can practice on your own. Focusing on them will help in your bank exam preparation. But the coaching centre generally covers main topics and avoid the unimportant ones because of the lengthy banking exam syllabus and less time.

During self -preparation, you can give your best shot by concentrating on I.Q based questions as you cannot assume which topics are essential and which are not. As per research, all the questions are equally important, so you have to prioritize every question. Thus, you can cover your bank exam syllabus.

3) Bank Exam Preparation: Self-made notes work like magic

Self-made notes are very crucial for cracking the bankexamstoday. As the notes are clear, understandable, and of course, as per your topic priority. Your notes will make your things learn and grab more easily. Even you can go-through notes again and again until you are not perfect with the subject. It helps you in your bank exam preparation.

Apart from notes, Make your study time-table and follow it strictly for better results. Study as per your time-table and don’t skip even for one day as studies need regular practice.

Your study schedule and plans depend on your hard work and dedication. Plan topics accordingly and take at least 1-2 questions of each subject daily. This is how to clear bank exam without coaching.

How to Prepare Bank Exam
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4) Don’t leave topics in half for the next day to prepare banking exam syllabus

Guys! Whatever questions you select, try to finish that entire topic on the same day. Clear all your queries related to that topic so that afterwards, you won’t face any problem. This will help you with your bank exam preparation and cover bank po syllabus.

It’s human nature; we don’t like to do the same topic again and again. So don’t leave any question incomplete for the next day. Save your bundle time for the next issue.

5) Bank Exam Preparation: Hold Technology and books for better results

In the 21st century, YouTube is considered as the best teacher that avails the best of the knowledge. So, if you want to fill your cup of knowledge, start watching the tutorials on YouTube. You can buy competitive exam books.

There are many YouTube Professional channels in which top- teachers post their informative videos. This video helps as a saviour. Thus it will help you in your bank exam preparation. There are so many experts teaching on YouTube who will guide you with how to clear bank exam without coaching. 

Go for the tutorial site whose motivating ways and tricks best explain to you the subject knowledge. Just follow one tutorial; don’t opt for many channels, as it will increase your confusion. All queries related to Banking exam syllabus will be taken care online.

Example – Upgrade, and Unacademy has many competitive exam videos. The top-ranked teachers are teaching there, and the lectures are free of cost or come at a minimal spend. And will help you in giving all the details about banking exam preparation.

6) Go for Mock test for your bank exam preparation

Last but not least. A mock trial is an online or offline test paper that prepares you to get good scores in your final Bank entrance test. Take mock test papers twice a week or once in a week. For example, you will find Mock tests for IBPS bank exam preparation online and free.

After completing the whole banking exam syllabus, then jump into mock tests. As Mock-tests covers all the questions of every topic. Better you score in mock trials, the best marks you can score in the entrance test. Grasp short tricks to complete items on time.

The best phrase taught us that we could study by practising: “ Practice makes the man perfect.” More practice will lead to better knowledge; your concepts will get perfect. The above tips will guide you to score better in Bank exam Preparation, that too, without coaching.

The above article is for those who want to know how to clear bank exam without coaching.  Surely the pointers will become a staircase of success for you and help prepare your banking syllabus. Do share your experience with self-study. Do comment in the comment section and for more information about bank exam preparation. Stay tuned with us!




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