Is Area – 51 is one of the most mysterious places of Earth?

The Earth is full of some unique and mysterious places that are less explained, and even scientists cannot unravel their mysteries. And who does not love some mysteries? So, here you will witness Area – 51 as one of the most mysterious places of Earth from the comfort your sofa.  Scroll down and know why this place is shrouded with mysteries!

Area 51 – One of the Most Mysterious Places of Earth

Mysterious Places of Earth - Area 51
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Area 51 comes first in my list of one of the most mysterious places of Earth. Area 51 is considered a secret US Air Force facility based within the Nevada Test and Training Range. Various rumors and conspiracy theories are associated with the place to the extent many people even become curious enough to visit the place (nobody is allowed to enter the premises though). The highway leading to Area – 51 is also named Extraterrestrial Highway as the base, and its surroundings are shrouded with mysteries related to Extraterrestrials & UFOs.

Mysterious Places on Earth
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The place has captured the imagination of both common men, conspiracy theorists, and even Hollywood for decades. Various stories associated with UFOs and Aliens are associated with this military base. The base is known to conduct secret military experiments, but many believe it is beyond that. Hence, it is among the most mysterious places of Earth.

Why Area – 51 is one of the Most Mysterious Places of Earth?

Many believed that once a UFO visited Earth and somehow crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 with few Aliens. Somehow, these Aliens are believed to be taken to Area – 51 for research. The Roswell Army Air Field later rubbished such theories stating that it was just a weather balloon that crashed. 

The USA Air Force started investigating claims related to the UFO sightings in the very same year. This investigation was later named as Project Blue Book in 1952. The investigation came to an end by 1969. By then, the Air Force had investigated more than 12,000 claims.

Though there is no hard evidence of such an occurrence, many scientists at one of these mysterious places run research and experiments on aliens and extraterrestrial space crafts. Many have claimed to spot “Flying Saucers” near this place. Conspiracy theorists suggest that the US Airforce may have already built their own spacecraft by reverse engineering Alien Technology.

Secret Military Projects

Mysterious Places
U-2 Programme

Various secret military projects were operated at Area-51. Some of them are – U-2 program, OXCART program, D-21 Tagboard, Foreign technology evaluation, Have Blue/F-117 project. All these projects were deemed classified till 2013 when the CIA unraveled them one by one. Many defense analysts and scientists suggested that the UFO sightings are nothing but the US Air Force Planes, which take off and land for testing experiment purposes.

Sources even told journalist Annie Jacobson that – “The aircraft’s titanium body, moving as fast as a bullet, would reflect the sun’s rays in a way that could make anyone think, UFO.” Project Blue Book concluded that it was only test planes and other air force planes that probably looked like UFOs because of their shape and stealth technology. But the investigation committee could never reveal the truth to letter writers who reported about sightings.

USA Government’s behavior towards Area – 51

Also, the United States government maintains extra silence and security at Area 51. The government keeps every information highly classified. Even the USGS topographic map does not show the base and reveals only the Groom Mine. The scientists working at the base, as well as security personnel, are known to work under extremely stringent security parameters. They are believed to not discuss with family about their work as well. For this reason, it is considered as one of the most mysterious places of Earth.

People at the base working at various departments are not allowed to talk to each other as well. Also, there is 24*7 surveillance at the base and nearby areas. The base perimeter is marked with orange posts, and guards, also regarded as “Cammo Dudes” by enthusiasts, patrol the perimeter all the time. There are also white pickup trucks and camouflage fatigues. Surveillance is beefed with the use of buried motion sensors. All these raises the doubt and mystery about the place and is rightly regarded as one of the most mysterious places of Earth.

Mysterious Places of Earth – Area 51 Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories never seem to die with Area – 51 since 1947 itself. That is why people all over the world are so curious about the place. So, it is termed one of the most mysterious places of Earth.

Claims of Robert Lazar


Robert Lazar - Area 51

Area – 51 remains amongst the top-secret and one of the most mysterious places of Earth because of various claims. The questions about the place arose in 1989s after Robert Lazar claimed in an anonymous interview to be working on alien projects at the base. Lazar stated that he was working on an Alien Aircraft to reverse engineer its technology for military use. However, the claims made by Lazar’s were soon discredited, and it was found that he never went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or California Institute of Technology.

Area - 51

Here are some of the other conspiracy theories associated with Area – 51 that might interest you – 

  • Storing, examining, and reverse engineering of a crashed UFO at Roswell. Also, the study of Alien Beings.
  • Meetings or joint collaborations with Aliens or Extraterrestrials.
  • A project involving development of weapons with exotic energy under the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).
  • Project on developing weather control.
  • Time travel and Teleportation technology development.
  • Developing of exotic propulsion systems which are related to the Aurora Program.
  • Various shadowy activities are related to one-world government or popularly known as Majestic 12.

All these have always kept Area – 51 as a place of mystery and interest among many people. 

What’s my take?

Well, no doubt Area -51 is one of the most mysterious places of Earth. The secretive nature of the base and various secret projects on military technology has always raised questions about the place. But to claim that the place is harboring Aliens to research them is a little far fetched. Though there are multiple strange sightings near the place and probably all over the world unless there is substantial evidence, we can’t be sure about it. Nevertheless, all these “ifs” and “buts” have made me rate this place as one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Stay tuned to my blog on other such mysterious places on Earth. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share my blog!



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